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Triglav National Park

2864 m Triglav Mount is the highest peak in Slovenia, making it an iconic destination

Bled Castle

Symbolic Icon of Slovenia

The Wishing Bell

It is said that ringing the bell three times will make your dreams come true

Lake Bled

Nominated one of the seven new wonders of the world


Partizanska cesta 38, 4260 Bled

- Close to Lake Bled, 15 min walk (short cut path)

- Close to restaurants and shops

- Away from busy tourists during peak seasons but can still enjoy unobstructed view of main attractions like Bled Castle and mountain Triglav

- Quiet and peaceful setting with surrounding nature

- Green meadow behind guesthouse

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A miniature Japanese garden with a Wishing Tree. Pets and kids friendly.


You can see the iconic Triglav Mount and Bled Castle from the house terrace.


Book in advance: Original Bled breakfast basket with fresh local ingredients delivered directly from a local family farm.


Book in advance: Enjoy an authentic hot bath with aroma of your own choice before bed. You may see the Alps turning red by sunset if you are lucky!

Bath Garden

A miniature garden friendly to kids and pets. Under the tranquil sky of Bled, enjoy our signature hot bath with aroma salt of your own choice, surrounded by the Triglav mountain and the Bled Castle.

KUMA HOME Slovenia zen garden

Stunning Views of the Alps

You could see the iconic Triglav Mountain and Bled Castle from KUMA HOME terrace.

KUMA HOME Slovenia Alps

Local Wine Tasting Experience

Learn and taste the best local wines in this Alpine House with our trusted partner Wine Tasting Bled. Book now at KUMA HOME Slovenia!

KUMA HOME Slovenia Dining

Aroma Hot Bath

Indulge yourself in an authentic hot tub with our signature bath salt with different aroma (please book in advance).

KUMA HOME Slovenia hot bath