Exclusive Workshops

Since 2019, KUMA HOME has offered to our special guests a series of exclusive workshops. Workshops in Hong Kong include collaborative tailor-made music box workshops, cafe workshops combining hand calligraphy and latte art, hand drip coffee, etc. In these events, we hope our guests could find happiness and spark joy. On top of that, we want to raise people's awareness of the importance of mental wellness or spiritual fitness. In Slovenia, we will offer seasonal events such as local recipe cooking, cultural art workshops, and forest meditation workshops to create special memories and experiences for our guests.


Handcraft Music Box
made in Hong Kong
KUMA HOME has a unique passion in designing music boxes. In 2020, MusicBoxByCheryl was introduced into the market, and now it has become one of the most extraordinary gifts for special occasions. What makes this music box extraordinary is that it allows customers to write and compose their own music box melodies, and its personal touch in the design.

We have been working on various collaboration projects, including cooperating with specialty brands, to organise private music box workshops & family-friendly DIY events. 

MusicBoxByCheryl is now available for sale worldwide. For more of our music box melodies, check out our instagram.

To order customised music boxes or enquire about our private workshops, please reach us by email or instagram.