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KUMA HOME Slovenia


We strive to provide our guests a holiday "home" where they can enjoy a relaxing experience of nature, health, inspiration, harmony, and fun. 

"KUMA HOME is not just a guesthouse. It is a way of living."

KUMA (くま), in Japanese it means “bear”, meaning that we would like to welcome our guests with exclusive warmth and hospitality like a “bear hug”. At the same time, in Croatian it means “bridesmaid”, meaning that our guests are like the bride, and we are the bridesmaid who helps to take care of everything for the bride, wishing her a happy and memorable day.


HOME (居), as the name suggests, it means a state of mind that makes you feel safe, peaceful, warm, and tranquil.

Hello I am KUMA mama. We started KUMA HOME merely because of our love to Slovenia and our dream to live a simple yet inspiring life. 

I wish at KUMA HOME, people from across the globe with different backgrounds can create and exchange memories together. Each of us will become a part of the story in this magical country.

Hi I’m KUMA oče! I love Slovenian lakes, Slovenian caves, Slovenian weather, Slovenian food, Slovenian water, Slovenian people, Slovenian.... I just love everything in Slovenia I wish to spread my love of Slovenia to everyone who comes to visit KUMA HOME.

P.S. Please give me a 5 star if you think the floor is clean, because I am responsible in mopping the floor everyday ; )

* Photograph taken on the way back KUMA HOME

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