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2019-2020 實在不容易過。在困難的日子,夢想變得更加 “離地”,但就是在苦的時候,我們更需要甜甜的白日夢和遊戲來調理一下心神,讓我們能有氣力繼續走下去。

心情好,才能睡得好。睡得好,心情才能好。所以我們 KUMA HOME 相信,健康的“食物”、“睡眠”和“遊戲”是日常生活中非常重要的元素。而今年情人節和農曆新年推出的第一系列自家品牌HOME PRODUCTS (collab: @agemosoap),香港全人手製造,在設計概念和材料上都注入了這三個理念。

“Eat. Sleep. Play."

Slovenian Honey & Essential Oils - Handmade Natural Soaps


Interview with the Founder of Agemo Soap Hong Kong

曾在多倫多大學和中大醫學院做研究的Janet,是Agemo Soap的創辦人,為我們解答了一些保護肌膚的貼士!

Q: After date of production, why do handmade natural soaps need to rest for one month (30 days) before use?

A: In the process of making our soaps, sodium hydroxide is added into oil to become soaps. It takes time for the pH level of the NaOH to drop. For best results, the pH value of soaps takes 30 days to become the optimum level (7-8), which is the best for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Q: What ingredients in most soaps in the market that cause irritation to skin?

A: In the market, you often find soaps that cost very low price. These are usually made with chemical synthetic fragrance which is irritative to sensitive skin. Besides removing germs after a slippery wash, they have no benefits to our skin. Also, glycerin are often added to increase the soap volume to maximise profit. In natural soaps like our soaps, honey and essential oil (usually from flowers and plants) is used to provide the natural smell or aroma (often with specific medical use as well). At the same time, the soap can nourish your skin during consumption. On top of that, there is Zero preservatives. That is why there is a best before date (1-2 years).

Q: How do you create the soap colours?

A: For this one (KUMA brown), coco powder gives the brown colour. For the green ones, we use a natural clay that contains a green-yellow mineral. Natural plants give the pink-red colour... and the black dots in this grey macaroon, they are actual edible sesame. For this grey-black macaroon, we use coconut activated charcoal.

Q: How often should we apply cream/balm on our hands during dry seasons for best protection results?

A: If you are using this beeswax hand balm, you will just need to apply once to twice a day. It is very sustainable, because the beeswax creates a consistent protection layer. (Applying sample on my hand) In the first minute after applying on your hand, you will find it a bit oily due to the wax. However, after a few minutes, when the nutrients have been absorbed by your skin, the layer of beeswax will act like a full-day mask that can trap the nutrition underneath your skin. Beeswax is impermeable to water, but it allows air to pass through. The skin can breathe healthily, while trapping nutrients even when you touch water during the whole day. Even when we need to wash hands often nowadays due to the virus, don't worry, the balm will not be washed away. So just a little bit each day is great. Minimal waste, maximum effect.

Q: Any particular ingredients are selected in the products that are specifically suitable for use in Asia and Europe respectively? For example, in Hong Kong, the weather is often humid, causing many children having skin problems (濕疹). While in Europe, radiators/heaters are often turned on during winter, causing very dry or damaged skin. In summer, the sun at the Alps can be very strong sometimes, causing sunburnt. What advice can you give us?

A: We can customise or even personalise natural skin products that have a "sense of place". Smells often trigger memory of a certain place you have been to. For example, White Jade Orchid essential oil reminds people of wet market in old Hong Kong.

We have selected ingredients that are suitable for very sensitive skins, like "濕疹", a very common skin allergy problem in Hong Kong. It can be very frustrating or even painful to young children. It is very important to select products that do not consist of ingredients that can cause further irritation to their skin. During humid day or dry seasons, honey provides one of the best protection to human skin. This natural bee product not only can heal sickness when you eat it, it can also heal damaged skin when you apply on your hands and feet after bath.

Q: What gift will you suggest to our customers on Valentine's Day?

A: Our new box of 8 Slovenian honey macaroons and 1 beeswax hand balm will make a perfect gift. It looks like 8 planets in the galaxy while the centre is your loved one! The natural aroma also will make his/her room or bathroom smell very very nice.

"Follow me into this Natural Skin Care Factory based in Hong Kong! Because of the essential oils.. the space smells very, very nice!" - KUMA Mama

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